Where To Post Your Amateur Pictures?

We’re going to make a set of assumptions here to start with:

#1> You’re talking about nude selfies.

#2> You’re not just doing it for fun, but toward a pro career modeling or camming.

And there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s the 21st century; if you can put a few pictures to work for you and sit back making a living off that, who wants to drive to work and sit in a cubicle all day?

So, the clever thing to do here in launching your camming career is to build up a platform of social media marketing – without running into trouble on somebody’s site policies. Relax, this is easier than it sounds! First let’s answer the immediate need: How are these pics and videos going to make you money?

Business first:

Clips4Sale is a popular choice. As the name suggests, you post video clips there and they sell them, while taking a cut for their profit.

Next up is XTube. XTube has an “amateur” option where you can offer your clips as “premium,”for sale by the view, or free. Since you can also post media there for free, you can handle promotion in one tidy package, offering shorter work for free but longer or custom cam sessions for charge.

Finally, there’s PornHub. PornHub is the most popular porn site online currently, and they have a paid model as well. Trouble is, they have a huge, competitive market and their rates may not be as thrilling.  But if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere!

There’s dozens of more amateur sites out there, ask around and choose carefully. You do want to go with a well-vetted one so you have confidence in whom you’re dealing with.


If you want your content ignored, don’t promote it. However, if you actually want somebody to see this stuff, you’ll have to work through social media to promote it. Post your amateur images here with links to your paid, longer works. Note: If you’re just doing this for the fun / likes / attention / whatever, the guide below applies to you too.

AVOID using: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr to promote your amateur content. All of these site shave a history of being very restrictive or even downright banning towards amateur content, and you have plenty places to go where you’re welcome.

#1> Reddit – It’s the most popular forum site online, and anything goes there. Head for a “NSFW” subreddit, preferably matched to your specialty, and post away with personal messages to the crowd. It’s not hard at all to get popular there.

#2> IMGUR – Really just the image server to Reddit in the first place. Pick a porn-oriented IMGUR folder and post there, making sure to mark it “mature.” They are again an easy crowd to please.

#3>Fetlife – It’s the “Facebook” for adult lifestyles. Tremendous audience, huge selection of kink and fetish specialties, and you’ll have no trouble finding a market. Sadly, the moderation there is terrible, so be careful divulging personal details as there’s tons of jerk guys to blow off.

#4> EroMe and EroProfile – These both started out as personal / dating sites and have now resigned to just hosting camgirls. Smaller site, smaller following, Still gets a few hits.

Have fun out there, and be careful and safe. There’s some people out there that just do not know how to handle a woman being free and proud of herself online, so just accept that you will draw a few trolls wherever you go and try to smile with the successes.